Chargeable Disinfectant Sprayer (Pre-order)




- Safe to use with our Magna Cure Sanitizing Spray
- Electrostatic charge can penetrate into chemical substances and allow sanitizer spray evenly on any object substances.
- Simply finish professional cleaning by yourself.
- Wireless design, applicable in car, home and office.

User Guide:

  1. Please fully charge the disinfectant sprayer before use.
  2. Fill up the bottle part with our Magna Cure Sanitizing Spray.
  3. You can adjust the amount of spray to be spray out by turning the adjust button located on the spray nozzle of the disinfectant sprayer.  If you turn the button to the left, the sanitizing spray that come out from the disinfectant spray will be more intense and vice versa.


  1. The disinfectant sprayer is safe to use with our Magna Cure Sanitizing Spray, please do not fill the sprayer with other sanitizer so as to avoid any health or safety issues, especially the use of alcohol may cause fire.
  2. Please wear a mask when using the disinfectant sprayer (eye mask depends on personal preference), in order to avoid the automized sanitizing spray entering into eyes, nose, trachea and lung. This is because the sanitizing spray that comes out from the sanitizer will split into smaller particles and atomized so that it can effectively kills the tiny virus and bacteria in air.
  3. Keep child and pets away when using the disinfectant sprayer.


-Free Local Delivery if you spend $500 or more for regular price items (extended area incur surcharges). 

**As affected by pandemic outbreak, if the selected order is located at the buildings with confirmed cases of COVID-19, the courier would deliver the orders at the downstairs of the building. We will call you before the delivery.

- We use SF express for cash on delivery if you spent less than $500 on regular price items (SF COD).  

*** Please allow about 7 business days (for ordering disinfectant sprayer) for delivery, excluding holidays.  Items ordered after 3pm will be counted as next date purchase.



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