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Magna i-Locker-A is designed by Magna Concept and targeting for a drawer that storing your valuable items. The system includes a electronic lock, a management card and registered cards. 

i-Locker-A is the perfect solution for securing your home and office. Whether you’re in need of a convenient way to secure your personal belongings away from thieves or keep track on the temperature and humidity of some moisture-prone items. 

Applications :

             Wine Cabinet                Kitchen Cabinet              Office Locker  

             Dried Seafood            Jewellery & Handbags         Medicines



Bluetooth connectivity
Open lock with your mobile devices
(Android and iOS)
A thorough database management system 
(Mobile App)
Allow you to check your device system and history anytime and anywhere. 
Builtin temperature & humidity sensor 
Temperature Monitor simultaneously measures, displays & alerts user about the critical parameters of temperature & humidity in Storage facilities.
Supported by both Felica and Mifare
Open lock with contactless card. Fast and Convenient.
Anti-thieves notification

Get notified via tamper alert if any body tries to access your valuables.

Battery Status Detection

Alert the users when battery level running low.

Metal Locking Mechanism

The reliable stiff locking materials enhance the security.




 Product Details

Materials: Zinc Alloy and ABS

Finish: Housing - Black

Power Supply: 4 Standard AAA Alkaline Batteries


1 Set of Screw

1 Latch Locking

Power Consumption

Static Current: ~1 year

10-20 times/day: 6-9 months



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