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Magna I-LOCK is designed by Magna Concept and targeting for a drawer that storing your valuable items. The system includes a electronic lock, a management card and registered cards. 

I-Lock is the perfect solution for securing your home and office. Whether you’re in need of a convenient way to secure your things or keeping your roommates out of your personal belongings.  To know more, please click HERE.

Applications :

                Wine Cabinet                   Kitchen Cabinet              Office Locker  



Bluetooth connectivity
Open lock with your mobile devices
(Android and iOS)
A thorough database management system 
(Mobile App)
Allow you to check your device system and history anytime and anywhere. 
Builtin temperature & humidity sensor 
Temperature Monitor simultaneously measures, displays & alerts user about the critical parameters of temperature & humidity in Storage facilities.
Supported by both Felica and Mifare
Open lock with contactless card. Fast and Convenient.
Anti-thieves notification
Get notified via tamper alert if any body tries to access your valuables.

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