COVID19 Rapid Test

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Product Feature:

  • Approved with EU standard,Certificated with CE Marking.
  • Complete the test just in 15 minutes and instantly knowing about the test result.
  • Complete the test at home by yourself, no need to go to the clinic or hospital.
  • The blood test indicate the test results by detecting the presence of Anitibodies IgG and IgM.
  • IgG Test Sensitivity: 97.4%,IgM Sensiivity: 93.75%. The high sensiility of the product show that the product is safe and reliable to use.
  • Made in Hong Kong, authorized distributor.


Materials Provided: 

1. Instruction for use.

2. Diluent Buffer.

3. Each pouch contains 1 test cassette, 1 disposable dropper and 1 desiccant


How to Use: 

1. Remove the device from pouch. Once opened, test immediately.

2. Wash your hands and use sanitizer or alcohol pad to disinfect your finger.

3. Prick the finger with a blood drawing pen.

4. Use disposable dropper for sampling, dispense 1 drop of blood to the circular sample well of the test device.

5. Add 2 drops of the Diluent Buffer to the sample well, immediately after the specimen is added.

6. Interpret test result in 15 minutes, do not read result after 20 minutes.




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